one desperate struggle after another. here i leave my sentiments, my sorrows, my dismay. an outlet in hopes of release, to move forward. rectify mistakes, find creative anew. inspire to progress, to be untraditional. continuous learning. for the sake of inner peace.
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Human beings do not grow in perfect symmetry. They oscillate, expand, contract, back track, arrest themselves, retrogress, mobilize, atrophy in part, proceed erratically according to experience and traumas. Some aspects of the personality mature, others do not. Some live in the past, some in the present. Some people are futuristic characters, some are cubistic, some are hard-edged, some geometric, some abstract, some impressionistic, some surrealistic! Some of their insights remain relative, and we can no longer think of a character as good or bad, but a combination of characteristics which vary according to relationship and the point in time. We know now that we are composites in reality, collages of our fathers and mothers, of what we read, of television influences and films, of friends and associates, and we know we often play roles quite removed from our genuine selves. By Anaïs Nin, from The Novel of the Future. (via meganmcisaac)